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Weighting only 24.8 kg, the GL20 is a small line array loaded with one of Stage Acoustic’s best products, the Ribbon Compact Driver, combined with dual two
eight-inch long excursion neodymium drivers. The array has a frequency bandwidth
from 70Hz to 20kHz in a cylindrical waveform that generates a polar pattern coverage
of 110 degrees in the horizontal plane. The vertical waveform is controlled by an
innovative cylindrical designed waveshaper to allow a curve up to a maximum of
15 degrees for each cabinet. And easy to use fully integrated three points rigging system allows up sixteen cabinets to be flown or ground-stacked. 

The GL20 cabinet is made from 15mm birch plywood with extraordinary acoustic properties. The acoustical clothed loudspeaker grills are giving the GL20 a luxury radiation.

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