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the purest, most tangible audio experience

The Genesis series is the new beginning of all kind, always meaningful and worth to attract our attention. Because from that moment, there had always been remarkable progresses and advantages which lead us to a much better place. Loaded with the SA8535 Ribbon Compact Driver technology, we go a step further giving the purest, most tangible audio experience in which the user can almost touch the sound.

The GL20 is a small line array and due to its wide horizontal dispersion pattern of 110 degrees suitable for use in medium concert hall, theater, nightclub or dress parades besides the ordinary in and outdoor events.


Weighting only 24.8 kg, the GL20 is a small line array loaded with one of Stage Acousticís best products, the Ribbon Compact Driver, combined with dual two eight-inch long excursion neodymium drivers. The array has a frequency bandwidth from 70Hz to 20kHz in a cylindrical waveform that generates a polar pattern coverage of 110 degrees in the horizontal plane. The vertical waveform is controlled by an innovative cylindrical designed waveshaper to allow a curve up to a maximum of 15 degrees for each cabinet. And easy to use fully integrated three points rigging system allows up sixteen cabinets to be flown or ground-stacked.

The GL20 cabinet is made from 15mm birch plywood with extraordinary acoustic properties. The acoustical clothed loudspeaker grills are giving the GL20 a luxury radiation.

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