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Hearing is believing

An old phrase that still holds. Crystal clear, low feedback monitors with steel grills to withstand the tough life on stage.
By using the same components as within our top products, you’ll be sure that the sound on stage matches Front of House.

That’s reassuring isn’t it … plug and play!


For absolute top quality sound reproduction: The L16 is a 2 way-system with 2 x 8 neodymium woofers, a 5 neodymium ribbon compact driver and a passive crossover.


Yell at this one and it will yell back. Louder, with less distortion and without fatigue. You can't beat it.
80 Hz – 30 kHz (+/- 3 dB) 125 / 129 dB program / peak

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For absolute top quality sound reproduction, the L is equipped with Dynamic Damping Control TM.


Due to it's 15 inch LF driver more suited for monitoring bass, kick, synths etc.